Italy Centre has been created for both Londoners and Italians in London. The Services that we offer to Londoners tend to differ from the services on offer to Italians. The higher links about Italian Language, Holidays and Culture are tailored to address Londoners‘ interests about Italy, whereas the lower links about London address Italians in London needs and interests. By clicking on the flags you will just translate the text of the page into your favourite language.

the centre… for the Londoner who loves Italy

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Those pages for the lovers of Italy, provide Londoners and Italy’s lovers the opportunity to appreciate the cultural aspects they love about Italy… From the learning the language, to cookery lessons and meeting Italians in London. Ultimately the philosophy of the Centre is that.. facilitating a process of two cultures meeting each other in an environment that is not too cultural in an academic way, nor too impersonal as in most meet-ups. Italy Centre takes a realistic stance on business, realizing business is often why and how Londoners and Italians meet, though thinks that is only through a mutual understanding of each other’s cultures that business can take place whilst valuing one another.

That is why through Italy Centre Holidays you would only be directed to spend your holidays in self-catering properties located in the most unspoilt parts of the country, where the properties belong to an Italy Centre member that you would be able to meet personally in our weekly meet-ups in London Camden, if you wish. We love London because this is where things happen, this is where Londoners and Italians meet, for business, for interests in each other’s cultures, products, and languages; however the real culture is not to be found in cities, is in the more secluded areas that were able to maintain their genuine attitudes. We believe in personal, unspoilt and authentic. We believe in quality, and human values. Our two language tutors have taught Italian Language to a dozen of British families from London who have relocated to Italy. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, none of them moved to an Italian city. The way our tutors teach the language places the focus on the communicative everyday language, building confidence encouraging an active participation, with many visuals and role-plays.

The section of Italy Centre on Italian Culture & Products focus Italian food and on the “Made in Italy”, basically on the quality of Italian design and its applications on fashion items and products, interior products and furniture and so on, therefore on the modern applications of the Italian traditional obsession with beauty expressed by its world famous art and architecture. We support young designers and entrepreneurs who make great “Made in Italy” products and who have at the same time, an international attitude. All of them are presenting their products to the London market.

the centre … for the Italian who loves London

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The section of Italy Centre for the lovers of London, has been created to support Italians through their life experience for work or study, or their visit on holidays in the fascinating British capital. Not just to assist them with every step of the process of relocating to London, but also to give them an insight on the lifestyle and culture…